The students are about one week into the drawing unit and I am beginning to better understand their individual personalities, skills, and interests. I have observed that the kids are in need of a confidence boost when it comes to their drawings. They tend to create very small, slow lines, which produces a faint drawing that reeks of uncertainty. To help build confidence, I did an activity with the kids called “Blind Contour Drawing.” This activity encourages the kids to observe the object they are drawing, and then make quick, bold, confident marks to represent that object. The kids are told to look only at their objects while keeping their paper out of their line of vision. They were given only 20 seconds to complete their drawings, which forces kids to make quick decisions when it comes to drawing and art. The kids favorite part of this activity is when they are finally allowed to look at their drawings. I have to admit, the end result is amusing! But more importantly than the end result is the process the student used to achieve it. I have uploaded both classes of blind contour drawings to Artsonia, so if you are interested in seeing more, please visit our page here!