Welcome to my classroom!

I have started introducing value to the students this week. We have been working on drawing and observational skill for about two weeks, and now it’s time to start adding depth. I don’t have a bulletin board in my room, so I made one of my own to display some value studies that I had done throughout college, as well as some value drawings and black and white photography that was done by other artists.

To begin the value unit, I set up three still life displays throughout the classroom and turned off the florescent lights (which don’t exactly lend themselves to value drawings) and used floor lamps to light the displays from various angles. The students spent the entire class hour observing and drawing what they saw. I know from experience that this is not the most exciting art lesson, but it is an absolutely vital one. The students were generally quite successful with this project. Some even got creative with their drawings, which I always appreciate! 🙂