I am excited to say that I got approval from the principal to start a mural club with my kids. I designed the mural and will sketch it on to the wall, but the prep and painting will be done by the kids. I have 7 kids in the club so far, which is a good amount. We had our first meeting today, which involved eating snacks and preparing the wall to be painted. I ran into a few unexpected problems, but having a plan B is a must for a teacher. There was some vinyl lettering on the wall that I thought would just peel off, but no such luck. Then I was planning on projecting the image onto the wall for the kids to trace, only to discover that the lights in the hallway do not turn off. So, I had the kids wash the wall and paint over the vinyl lettering. I will sketch the mural onto the wall and have it ready for the kids to paint by next Tuesday. The kids all said they had fun and I have a few more who are interested in joining, so all in all I would say it was a success!

The Design-the building is the school, and kids are jumping on paint tubes squirting fireworks into the sky

Washing the wall

Attempting to find a plug in for the projector…