The kids have moved on to working with clay, which seems to be every kids favorite art unit. I enjoyed watching my kids explore the clay and enjoy it, but they seemed to struggle with it a little bit. Clay is a tricky medium to control, and many kids had a difficult time understanding how to touch the clay and work with it without completely collapsing the hollow ball they needed to begin with. I helped them the best I could, but the end results were generally unsuccessful. This is a good learning experience for me as a new teacher, because it allows me to reflect on what went wrong so I can improve it for next time. Sometimes I need to understand that they are only in sixth grade, and haven’t had much experience with clay since elementary teachers (somewhat understandably) don’t do much with clay for the little kids. I learned how to use a pug-mill to recycle the clay, which was a first for me! The kids’ final projects will be up on Artsonia soon!

The kids’ gargoyles, out to dry