We have had three meetings of Mural Club so far, and the mural is coming along! The kids are enjoying it (though I’m not sure which they are enjoying more-painting the mural or eating free snacks and running around the school after hours). I had a chat with them about being respectful of the school and my time, and let them know that mural club would not go on if they were not coming to paint. The seemed genuinely upset and sorry about this, even writing me an apology note (which was much appreciated and will be kept forever!) I want to end the year on a positive note, so mural club will continue as planned and the kids will all get to sign their names on the “plaque” that will hang next to it. This has been a lot of work and a lot of sweat and time went into it, but I think it is worth every bit. The kids got to share in the awesome experience of painting a mural on the school wall that will remain there long after they move on to high school, the school gets a beautiful piece of art that was done by their own kids, I got the experience of running an extra curricular activity, and I get to leave a piece of myself behind at Rosemount Middle School. What a blessing!