The end of the year is here, and all our art projects have been wrapped up, graded, and sent home. I hope I have added a few more tools to my students’ tool boxes that will help them later on down the road, not just with art but with life in general. I hope that I have helped them to make connections that they had not made before, to each other, to art, and to their own humanity. I believe that being a good teacher can mean many things. There are many teaching techniques out there, many of which can be successful, however I think possessing the power to make connections is most important. A good teacher needs to be able to connect to their students, facilitate an environment in which their students can connect to each other, and allow for meaningful connections to be made to the subject matter they are teaching. I hope I have been able to spark some wonder and curiosity in the minds of my students and that they will be confident and generous with their ideas and knowledge in the future. I hope they will never lose their enthusiasm for life and learning and that they will pursue education with vigor. I have sincerely enjoyed each and every one of my students, and while that doesn’t mean that the year was flawless or that there weren’t struggles in the classroom, I did learn something from each of them that I will carry with me into my next teaching experience. I am sad to be leaving Rosemount Middle, but eternally grateful to them for providing me with a wonderful experience.

The kids and I ended the year with an outdoor party of tie-dying and enjoying root beer floats. The kids had a good time, and I learned a few things about how sixth graders handle tie-dye… I think wrapping everyone in plastic beforehand may be a good idea for next time!