Welcome To Art!

We made it through the first week of the year unscathed! 7th/8th grade painters are working with watercolor and familiarizing themselves with the way the medium works. We learned about different brush handling techniques as well as different ways of controlling the paint (which is notoriously uncontrollable). Middle schoolers should be able to relate and appreciate that quality! I have included a link to a website with lots of helpful watercolor tutorials here. We have used some of these in class and will continue to do so.

Samples from the 7th/8th grade watercolor exercises packet. Students: when finished, your packet should look like this


The 6th grade artists have begun most 6th graders favorite unit…. CLAY! We are making Pacific Northwest Native American Masks using hand building techniques. The 6th graders learned how to knead their clay to remove air bubbles and we then rolled the clay into a slab. We prepared an armature earlier in the week and talked about structure when building our masks. The rolled slab was then placed over the armature and sealed in bags. Next week, 6th graders will begin sketching and designing the features they want for their masks.

The humble beginnings of the 6th grade clay mask-a rolled slab on an armature.

I hope everybody enjoys the first weekend of the school year!