The sixth graders have clay in their hands! And hair, and shoes, and everything else. But amongst the mess, some pretty cool masks are emerging! I demonstrated how to mold features such as eyes, noses, mouths and horns. I showed them how to “scratch and attach” the clay, which is a method used to ensure the clay will stay attached and survive to be fired. Students are being creative and are enjoying the process. Clay is always a favorite of young kids, however cleanup is not. It only took one day for me to realize I need to change the way I run cleanup time. I now dismiss the kids by tables, and if their table isn’t clean they don’t get to leave. This also prevents students from leaving early and forming a human herd by the door. Cleanup did go much better today, and it even encourages kids to help each other, which is always a plus!

A sixth grader, hard at work on her mask

An in progress mask

They all have different personalities-something I love about art