The sixth graders are about a week into their mythical creature projects, so I took a critical look at their paintings to determine their progress. I decided they were not going in the direction I was hoping they would go. Many kids told me they were finished with their paintings already, which isn’t a positive thing as this is supposed to be a three week assignment. I came to the conclusion that the majority of students weren’t doing the quality of work I wanted, so I revisited my lesson. Instead of having a work day, I re-taught the lesson and spent more time on painting technique, color mixing, composition and craftsmanship. I held a critique of previous work and pointed out the things that were positive and what I wanted to see. I think the students knew their work wasn’t turning out very well, and many of them will be starting over (which is a good thing). I had them do an exercise to help them with craftsmanship. It required them to use a steady hand in order to trace a figure with paint and to then fill the figure in with paint without going outside of their outline. They did a good job with this exercise and I think it will help them in their final projects.