The sixth graders were really struggling with the mythical creature paintings and they were not turning out well. I did some reflection and decided to teach the lesson again in a different way with the hopes of reaching the kids on the second time around. I broke the painting down into steps and spent one whole class period analyzing and critiquing successful paintings that were done in the past. They really responded well to the step by step approach. It seems a little “paint by numbers” to me, which I have a personal disdain for, but 6th graders understand it and it turns out successfully for them which is what matters. As counter productive as it seems, I am glad the first round of paintings didn’t turn out. I know my students learned more through this process and I know I certainly did too. In art, it is seldom the final result that I most value but the process the artist took to get there. I feel that this makes their artwork all the more valuable!