The film class is beginning to transition from watching and writing about movies to thinking about and creating their own films. To help them with this transition, we talked about “Film Stills” which are photographs that capture a moment in a scene. They tell a story through camera angle, color, shadow, expression and environment. I want them to begin speaking the language of film so their final film projects will be successful. We talked about the photographer and artist Cindy Sherman, who did a photography series of film stills. She would set up a scene and place herself as the model to act out the story she had in mind. The students will be working in groups to create and photograph their own film still. They will need to be aware of the story they want to tell and how to tell it non-verbally. After they photograph their stills, we will be using photo editing software to edit and enhance the photos. This will help them when they begin editing their own films as well. I am excited to see what my students create!