I have always thought that when one is    given a gift, that gift needs to be shared in  order to be used fully. I have a passion for  the arts and I want to inspire the minds of the young to create art as well. Through my teaching, I hope to foster an environment in which students feel safe to express themselves, imagine and create. Being able to create a space which is free of judgments is the first step in being a successful teacher as well as having successful students.

I want my students to establish a sense of self and an understanding of their own individuality through the art they create. I hope to enrich the lives of my students through my teachings and projects so that they will walk away from my class more in touch with their own humanity as well as the humanity of others.

I am fascinated with learning, and teaching allows me to remain in touch with that passion. I think it is important to discover the individual ways in which each child learns and teach accordingly so every student can feel included in the learning process. It is important, particularly for myself as the art teacher, to remain creative in my teaching methods. I want to allow art to make connections in the minds of my students that they can apply to all areas of study. Art lies within all humans and it is my goal to bring it to the surface.


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  1. missmathieson
    Apr 24, 2012 @ 02:51:59

    You rock! Love, Mom


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