7/8th Grade Painting

Splash into paint! Follow in the footsteps of the Impressionist Masters such as Monet and Van Gogh as we explore color, mood, emotion, and brush handling techniques. Create shimmering watercolors and beautiful Impressionistic oil-pastel paintings. Explore the Asian culture to create a parasol and Chinese lantern painting. Come prepared to work hard, learn about painting, grow as an artist and have fun creating art! To be successful you will need to come prepared to participate in class, have a positive attitude and show effort and improvement in your artworks.


We alternate the curriculum every other year so students can have the opportunity to take painting as a 7th grader and an 8th grader without repeating the same projects.

Projects Year 1:

  • Watercolor Fish Painting
  • Oil Pastel Impressionism
  • Winslow Homer Watercolor Painting
  • Asian Brushwork and Parasol Painting

Projects Year 2:

  • Cubist Color Scheme Painting
  • Tempera Paint Impressionism
  • Asian Brushwork and Parasol/Lantern Painting
  • Georgia O’Keeffe Watercolor Painting

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