6th Grade Mythical Creature Paintings

Title: Mythical Creature Paintings

Summary: The students will begin this unit with lessons on color theory. We will discuss the color wheel, tints, tones, shades, and color mixing. Students will spend about 1-1.5 weeks on this and will have color worksheets to be completed. Then, students will be shown images of mythical creatures for inspiration. Students will create and design their own mythical creature and begin to paint their creature using the background knowledge gained from the color theory lessons.


The Student Will:

Analyze the color wheel in order to create correctly mixed colors

Learn how to create tints, tones, and shades through adding white, gray, or black to a color

Think creatively to design a unique mythical creature

Utilize their background knowledge of color theory to paint their designs

Create a painting that demonstrates good craftsmanship and understanding of what was discussed in class.


Day 1:

  • Label color wheel
  • Color theory PowerPoint
  • Begin painting color wheels

Day 2:

  • Continue painting color wheels
  • Demonstrate tints, tones and shades

Day 3:

  • Continue painting color wheels
  • Continue painting tints, tones and shades

Day 4:

  • Explain composition and requirements for final painting
  • Show photos of mythical creatures
  • Begin sketching mythical creatures

Day 5:

  • Continue sketching mythical creatures
  • Teacher check ins-check progress, discuss readiness to begin painting
  • Begin painting finals

Day 6:

  • Work day-continue painting

Day 7:

  • Work day-continue painting

Day 8:

  • Work day-continue painting

Day 9:

  • Work day-continue painting

Day 10:

  • Assess and turn in



  • Tempera paint
  • Paint pallets
  • Paint brushes
  • Wood pencils


  • Computer
  • Projector


  • Mythical creature PowerPoint
  • Color Theory PowerPoint
  • Reference photos of mythical creatures

Evaluation and closure:

The students will be given a day to analyze their paintings and discuss what to change or approve upon before turning the paintings in. They will be asked to get feedback from three peers. I will be grading the paintings based on successful completion and understanding of the objectives.


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