6th Grade Colored Pencil Birds

 Colored Pencil Birds

6th Grade Art

Erica Mathieson


Title: Colored Pencil Birds


The students will begin this unit with a lesson on colored pencil techniques. They will participate in an interactive PowerPoint in which they need to practice each technique discussed. They will also watch a video of a speed drawing as an introduction to the colored pencil unit. Once they have some knowledge of the various techniques that can be used with colored pencil, they will watch the video again and count how many times they see each technique. The students will include the techniques learned through this lesson in a drawing of a bird. Students will select an image of a bird of their choice and draw it as accurately as possible. Students will then begin adding color, texture, form and dimension with the colored pencils.



The student will:

Learn about different colored pencil techniques

Discover how colored pencil can be used to create texture, shape and form

Analyze shape in order to create a drawing that is accurate and representational


Day 1:

  • Lesson on colored pencil techniques
  • Speed video
  • Select bird image

Day 2:

  • Begin drawing the bird as accurately as possible. Observe and analyze shape and form.

Day 3:

  • Begin adding color, texture and dimension with colored pencil

Day 3-5:

  • Continue coloring and working on birds. Complete an environment and background for the bird as well.



  • Paper
  • Pencils
  • Colored Pencils
  • Black marker for outlining


  • Computer
  • Projector


  • Colored Pencil PowerPoint
  • YouTube- speed drawing
  • Reference photos of birds

Evaluation and Closure:

The students will be given time to analyze their drawings and discuss anything that could be improved upon before turning it in for grading. I will be grading the drawings on successful completion and understanding of the objectives as well as craftsmanship and use of class time.



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