7th/8th Grade Chinese Brushstroke

Title: Chinese Brushstroke

Summary: This lesson will piggy-back off of the watercolor fish lesson. Students will use many of the same techniques and knowledge previously learned to create a painting using Chinese brushstroke. Students will be given the brush handling lesson and three practice days. Students will then begin sketching for their final painting, which will be on a parasol umbrella.


The Student Will:

Utilize background knowledge and apply it to a new subject matter

Explore another culture through the art of Chinese Brushstroke

Experience painting on a new and different surface

Critically analyze shape and compositionto create a well informed final project

Discipline Based Art Education

  • Art History: Students will examine the history and application of Chinese Brushstroke paintings
  • Art Criticism: Students will critique the artwork of their peers in order to give and receive constructive feedback
  • Aesthetic: Students will learn to appreciate a different style of art from a culture different than their own
  • Studio Production: Students will design and paint their own parasol umbrellas using bamboo brushes and tempera paint


Day 1:

  • Practice Chinese Brushstroke using reference packet

Day 2:

  • Continue practicing Chinese Brushstroke using reference packet

Day 3:

  • View images of Chinese parasol designs
  • Trace circle
  • Design final composition

Day 4:

  • Continue designing final composition
  • Color final composition using colored pencils

Day 5:

  • Continue coloring final composition using colored pencils

Day 6:

  • Begin transferring designs onto parasols using pencil

Day 7:

  • Continue transferring designs onto parasols
  • Begin painting if ready

Day 8:

  • Continue painting parasols

Day 9:

  • Continue painting parasols

Day 10:

  • Continue painting parasols

Day 11:

  • Assess and turn in



  • Tempera paint
  • Paint pallets
  • Paint brushes
  • Wood pencils
  • Circles to trace
  • Large paper
  • Colored pencil
  • Parasols


  • Computer
  • Projector


  • Parasol image PowerPoint
  • Chinese Brushstroke packet
  • Reference photos

Evaluation and closure:

The students will be given a day to analyze their paintings and designs and discuss what to change or approve upon before turning in the final projects. They will be asked to get feedback from three peers. I will be grading the projects based on successful completion and understanding of the objectives.


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