7th/8th Grade Cubism

Cubism Color Scheme Painting

7th/8th Grade Painting

Erica Mathieson



Title: Cubist Color Scheme Painting


In this unit, we will study cubism and its characteristics and traits. We will study the color wheel in class and discuss four different color schemes: monochromatic, value scale, complimentary and analogous. Students will watch and participate in a color theory PowerPoint that will help them begin making connections to the color wheel and color schemes. Students will then use that knowledge to create a cubist composition using basic geometric shapes. We will create the composition on the first day using a guided sheet. Students will start with one color scheme and create a practice painting using only the correct colors for that scheme.


The student will:

Learn about various color schemes and how to create them

Discover what cubism is and how it changed the course of the art world

Analyze composition and shape to create an abstract, cubist design


Day 1:

View and participate in Color Theory PowerPoint

Create composition

Day 2:

Discuss first color scheme-value scale

Create small practice painting

Day 3:

Paint first quadrant of composition in value scale

Day 4:

Continue painting value scale

Day 5:

Discuss second color scheme-monochromatic

Create small practice painting

Day 6:

paint second quadrant in monochromatic color scheme

Day 7:

Continue painting monochromatic color scheme

Day 8:

Discuss third color scheme- complimentary

Create small practice painting

Day 9:

Paint third quadrant in complimentary color scheme

Day 10:

Continue painting complimentary color scheme

Day 11:

Discuss fourth color scheme: Analogous

Create small practice painting

Day 12:

Paint fourth quadrant in analogous color scheme

Day 13:

Finish painting and assess





Value Scale




  • Paper
  • Pencils
  • Black markers for outlining
  • Paintbrushes
  • Water cans
  • Palettes


  • Computer
  • Projector and screen


  • Color Theory PowerPoint

Evaluation and closure

The students will be given time to analyze their paintings and discuss anything that could be improved upon before turning it in for grading. I will be grading the paintings on successful completion and understanding of the objectives as well as craftsmanship and use of class time.


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