7th/8th Grade Impressionism

7th/8th Grade Painting


Erica Mathieson



Title: Impressionism


This lesson will incorporate both drawing and painting skills. Students will view images from the impressionistic era as well as a video that elaborates on the lives and styles of Vincent VanGogh and Claude Monet. We will discuss the prominent qualities of impressionism, such as brushstrokes, paint application, and the balance between realism and abstraction. Students will begin by creating four texture squares using two different colors per square. This will help them begin to think about texture to create shape and value. Depending on the year (year one or year two) students will either use oil pastel on black paper or tempera paint on canvas board to create their final painting.


The student will

  • Understand impressionism as a style and artistic movement
  • Create texture through various medias in the final painting
  • Experiment with brushstroke techniques
  • Show ability to represent an image in an impressionistic manner



Day 1:

  • Discuss Impressionism
  • Watch videos


Day 2:

  • Review impressionism: what is it, how is it done, what are some characteristics?
  • Create texture squares


Day 3:

  • Study impressionistic images
  • Select image for reference photo
  • Begin sketching major shapes


Day 4:

  • Student-teacher check-in: Are you ready to start adding color and texture?
  • Begin adding paint/oil pastel


Day 5-10:

  • Continue adding color-work days and teacher check-ins


Day 11:

  • Assessment
  • Display Work




  • Black paper/canvas board
  • Tempera paints/oil pastels
  • Paintbrushes
  • Water cans


  • Projector
  • Screen
  • DVD player


  • VanGogh and Monet videos
  • Reference photos

Evaluation and Closure:

Students will be given a rubric for the assignment. They will also be given a day to examine their work and decide if they have met the requirements and objectives. Students will provide each other with feedback and constructive criticism. I will grade student work on the successful completion of the objectives as well as use of class time.


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